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    RH 2017 Trial. IS there an .exe file included to test context-sensitive help (CSH)?

    dmagnum74 Level 1

      In the Adobe RH 2017 sample Travel the Whirls project, there's a topic named, Context Senstive Help - How it's done. The Automated CSH Authoring section says the following:


      "In Adobe RoboHelp (2015 release), CSH can be created without any involvement from the Application Developer.


      In order to use this feature the application must have been developed using the C++ programming language. The process begins by clicking File > Context Sensitive Help > Open Application... From there the RoboHelp author chooses an EXE file created using C++. RoboHelp should open the application where you may establish the mappings."


      I have poked around the RH 2017 folders and I haven't yet found an .exe to test the CSH with. Am I missing something or was that deliberately not included in the Trial version for 2017? Thanks.