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    Inlay Effect


      Hello everyone



      Well I spent a good part of Sunday trying to peel off this effect. I did that of head during the searches but the falling by chance on a video I could draw some screenshot and I take advantage of it to have tracks.

      So I'm looking to redo this effect seen mainly in the voice but also other tf1 broadcast. we get the impression that a box extrudes the image to make appear the promotion of the film the next day.

      if possible to make it for live events if played live onair has to transform image behind


      I tried making a box with 3d layers but after I see not how well the alphas handled.

      I enclosed the screenshot in hoping that it helps you understand the problem. Thank you and good day / evening / night!image_2.png



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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          can we see it in motion? are you asking how to make a cube in After Effects? many tutorials about it online.

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            Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

            how Ae experienced are you? this is not for beginners.


            create your cube out of the footage in 2 of the facets. num1 and num3. num2 should be the text.


            in the master comp set the footage to 3d and also the cube precomp. now set the cube in place right over the area where it emerges out of the footage. set a 3d light and set your cube to cast a shadow and the footage to just receive the shadow. collapse your 3d precomp and make sure all the layer are casting shadow in the cube precomp.


            Master Comp

            Cube Precomp

            Facet Precomp

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              kirkeric Adobe Community Professional

              I'm not sure I find this that challenging at all really, particularly given that the background is static at each point in which the block turns.


              My assessment in just watching it a few times is to create the cube using 3D solids and replace the sides with the appropriately masked/cut out sections to match the background as it turns, with one obviously being your advertisement.


              At minimum, it only needs three sides from what I can see and probably tighten it up by having a top and bottom that are black.



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                afazarim99348414 Level 1

                THIS IS REALLY INTERESSTING...HOW CAN WE MAKE IT FOR A LIVE EVENT ? sometimes they play it live on tv and effects the images behind live on set...

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                  Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                  here is the project to experiment with:

                  Cube folder - Google Drive

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                    kirkeric Adobe Community Professional

                    A live event? Now that's a totally different animal. So, just to be clear, my comment was about editing a sequence that was shot and adding the effect in AE.

                    I'm not certain how you'd do it live but thinking thru it logically, that would have to be some interactive operation with live video, probably not something AE would part of.

                    You are now talking about having a cube that takes reflections of the background on prescribed sides while placing your LOGO on one.

                    There's no way to package a cube that does this, rendered from AE that would then do this with live video.  Once rendered, it would not interact with a live video.



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                      dnbstudios Level 1

                      To add a cube like this to a live event, you'd need to do some design work and programing in something like Viz. That's what they use at ESPN and many other broadcast studios.



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                        brian704 Level 3

                        They also use DVEs which are designed to manipulate video in real-time in 3D

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                          afazarim99348414 Level 1

                          what are DVEs??

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                            afazarim99348414 Level 1

                            i opened this project but the animation is somehow right but not the same as theirs.... these side shadows are not there i hope someone can make a tutorial for this with exact shadows

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                              brian704 Level 3

                              Digital Video Effect units - they started out in the stone age of TV - around 1980. Originally they could scale video and move it on screen. Then they got a little more sophisticated and added drop shadows and other bells and whistles. Then they started with perspective with the Abekas units. Then Grass Valley came out with the Kalidescope that could convert, re-sample, noise-reduce and do 3D all on the fly.

                              They have just been growing in capability as has everything else. They sit in equipment racks along with the switchers and camera control units. Most everything in the broadcast world consists of specialty devices. Although there are exceptions as many switchers now have DVEs incorporated along with audio so you can have sounds with your visual stingers and wipes. They also have very capable macro units that allow for complex set-ups to be recalled and transitioned with a single button press

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                                afazarim99348414 Level 1

                                where can i get them?

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                                  brian704 Level 3

                                  From Broadcast Equipment suppliers - they run around $60k though - so you'll need to save your quarters