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    Custom skin not updating correctly.

      I am currently updating the custom skin that I am using for my project, trying add an additional link in the toolbar (after the default Contents, Index, Search, Glossary links). I have successfully done this before, adding a link for Contact. However, I am now trying to add another link, and no matter what I try the link simply won’t generate.

      Although the Preview function in the WebHelp Skin Editor shows my link exactly as it should be, whenever I generate my project, the new link does not appear. I have tried generating to a different location, renaming the skin and also exporting then importing the custom skin, but none of these solutions work.

      Does anyone know why this has occurred or how I can fix this issue so that my new link appears in the toolbar?


      Please Note: I apologise if this question has been asked in this forum. Unfortunately the forum search function is broken and I am unable to scan through and check.