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    Trouble with dragDrop event

      After fixing an issue regarding where best to put an insert function call in my drag and drop function I now have another issue. It seems that it is simply not seeing the most recently dropped item. For instance, when I drop the very first item, it throws an error saying that "0" (The index of the item being dropped) is out of bounds. This error is thrown for every new item inserted afterward, when the second item is inserted it will say that "1" is out of bounds. Interestingly enough, updates to the ArrayCollection to change a value in that row will still function perfectly. It seems that the row is not inserted until the function is completely done, as simply having something call a value from the new row will not work as it simply isn't in yet. I feel like this is a bit confusing so I'll go ahead and post my code complete with debug functions I wrote to try and figure this out: