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    Content Sync in AEM

    Nitish_Jain01 Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      We are using the content sync functionality of AEM.


      Mobile with Content Sync - docs.adobe.com


      We are using AEM 5.6.


      We have one question, currently the zip is created in Author instance and then published to Publisher instance. Since we have multiple publishers, same zip will be available all across. When the dispatcher url is entered, the zip is downloaded. This is fine.


      The problem is that, since the zip is created from author, it contains all the pages both activated and deactivated.


      But the requirement is that it should contain only activated pages. So we are looking for any OOTB solution (if available) to create the zip file on Publisher instances. Sine the number of publishers is high and Authors doesn't have publishers access, the requirement states that we do not want to manually create packages in publisher but should be automatically created when the "create zip" is done in Author.


      Please suggest if any OOTB solution is available or we have to write custom solution for this.


      Thanks in Advance.



      Nitish Jain