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    Data recording to the LMS




      I have several courses loaded to our LMS - I have divided them into 4 modules (to make them shorter based on previous advice), but haven't bundled them (I have to update modules now and again). Users are obliged to complete module 1 before moving on to module 2, and so on. The LMS unlocks the modules on completion of the previous.


      On the whole, users have no issues and are completing each module and moving on successfully. Note that it its simply a case of watching the slides to complete - each slide has a next button marked to form a quiz result. Testing the modules and course in SCORM cloud is fine - completion and success are fine (its SCORM 2004).


      A very small number of users have had issues 'completing' the module to unlock the next (it is not the same module for each user). Support from our LMS provider is "The SCORM file is responsible to transfer data/information to our LMS (or any LMS). Please check with Captivate and this should help resolve the issue."


      My question is this - if it works fine for the majority, and runs successfully in SCORM cloud, is this statement from support true? Is this issue likely to be a fault with my captivate course, or could it be with the LMS? I appreciate this is a very open ended question with little to go on, but I'm happy to answer any questions that may help.


      Many thanks.

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In my experience the LMS people will ALWAYS blame the course rather than the LMS.  It's in their best interest to do so.


          However, as you have seen, since the vast majority of the people are experiencing no issues with the same content, and it performs perfectly in SCORM Cloud, there cannot really be anything wrong with the content transferring information.  The most likely culprits are either the end users, or the LMS.


          If the completion data has not been sent to the LMS, it's possible the end users may have somehow terminated communication with the LMS before reaching the end.  This can sometimes happen if they open another browser window with the LMS, link out to a different web page while doing the course content. Another possibility is that they were 'multi-tasking' doing other stuff while they were supposed to be doing the course, and the session timed out on them without them knowing.  If this happened, they would have completed the module without being aware that the data was no longer being sent to the LMS.

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            DHMerritt Level 1

            I suppose this is a trouble shooting exercise ...BUT.... I agree with ACP. I have experienced something like this in the past... BUT... our problem was that the learner closed the module manually i.e. went to the top right hand corner and clicked the x button (next to the maximize/minimize button).


            This was our problem.

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              Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

              Agreed overall as well.

              Another issue that can arise is any interruption in the connection. If the user's net connection drops for more than a second or two, the session can be lost with the LMS, which breaks the API connection, which breaks the ability for the CP (or any) SCORM project to send data back to the LMS.

              So it can be that, or the user closing the SCORM project window too early, or by them navigating away to another site in that same window...


              Does your CP version have the ability to pick, in the SCORM template section, to choose 'send all data at end'?

              That generally works a little better BUT in this sort of situation, you don't want to wait til the end, you want the project (CP or not) to send data on 'every slide' or some other intermittent method...so at least the LMS gets SOME status update.