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    Images move around/up when published

    Anoeek Level 1



      Something weird here... My website has been fine all along, and just today I noticed that the scrollbar was disabled for one page. So I went ahead and fixed that in Muse and reuploaded my website to my ftp host. But now...

      All the objects on my pages are displayed too high on the page. The first few items are behind the header. This is not the case in the design view, but only happens when I either preview or publish the page/site.


      This is how it should look....

      Forum screencap website.JPG


      And this is how it looks:

      Forum screencap website 2.JPG


      I didn't change anything, even tried to open an old version of my website to upload that but it also happens there. Tried to open it in Chrome and Firefox, both the same problem.

      Any help?