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    "Mark for Redaction" and "Text & Images" issue




      When marking passages in a document for redaction in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, I only have to select "Mark for Redaction" and "Text & Images" in order to allow me to mark as any parts of the document for redaction.


      I have a colleague who has to select "Mark for Redaction" and "Text & Images" each and every time he wants to mark something in a document (i.e, after he marks the first passage for redaction, the ability to mark anything further goes away until he selects "Mark for Redaction" and "Text & Images" again...whereas I can select "Mark for Redaction" and "Text & Images" and then mark as many passages as I want - the ability to mark passages remains active for me)


      Hope I've clearly explained the issue my colleague is facing and wondering if there is a solution for him. He's had the software re-installed several times and it's happening on every PDF he opens, not just one.