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    An error occurred while trying to save data to RH2017 FPJ  file  <5>.

    daleannf37997082 Level 1

      We have begun using Responsive HTML output, running RH2017, Build 2.  I created a new custom screen layout using the Azure_Blue as my basis. I create a new RH project importing the Screen Layout and the Master Page formats.  I then import the FrameMaker book in to my RH project.  At the end of the import/conversion, for some of my FM books, I'm getting this error:  An error occurred while trying to save data to <R:RoboHelp2017\HLP1002\PO\APLUS_PO.fpj>  <5>.


      For one book, there are 3 of this same message issued. For another, there are 9 messages issued.  There do not appear to be any broken links.  But something is causing this message.  We did not get this message previously with our WebHelp deployment.  We updated to Build 2 hoping that the error would go away - but no luck.  I've searched trying to determine what the <5> was trying to tell me about my FPJ file, but have not found any reference.


      Does anyone know what the message means so I can correct my source files?