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    EPUB export problem


      Hello, I have a really annoying problem when exporting to EPUB (fixed layout). Indesign tells me that the file was exported, but that .pngs couldn't be created and those pngs are actually missing when I try to upload using iTunes Producer.

      Error message (in German):

      "Bildexport: 5 fehlgeschlagen  Fehler beim Formatieren von Bild "227.png". Auf dem System steht möglicherweise nicht genügend Arbeits- oder Festplattenspeicher zur Verfügung."


      That would be not such a huge problem, if Indesign would tell me where the problematic parts

      (like arrows and lines that Indesign converts into png) are located, but it doesn't!


      There is most likely a problem with the file, since I tried exporting with 2 different machines, but without more info I can't find the problem!


      Any ideas? Thank you very much!