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    Problem with PhoneGap conversion of my app


      Hi All,

      I am new to the app creation technology. I have created a web app. One single html file called index.html together with an 'img' image folder for the graphics used by index.html. I have tested the web app and everything works well. Now I zip the web app and do a build on PhoneGap.


      All seems well and I download and install the app on an Android tablet.


      The application looks just like it does when tested in my Chrome browser. The buttons on the app have icons which change, depending on the result of pressing them. When I press a button the existing icon is removed, but it is not being replaced by the new icon, the button simply collapses to its smallest size.


      I wondered if the image size for the icons might be the problem, but I'm sure it isn't.. I would be grateful for any help please.



      After (each button that is clicked has it's icon disappear)