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    Any C# Programmers out there?

    newportri Level 1

      I develop Computer-based Training modules using the Articulate Presenter and Quizmaker products.

      There has been a buzz in those forums around capturing the quiz results outputted by Quizmaker to a DB and creating a homegrown admin app to simply display quiz takers and their scores.

      Someone has figured out how to do this in C#- and I'm sure there is a CF solution.

      A published quiz outputs an HTML file that is set up to email a comma-delimited string which can be converted to an excel spread sheet- but that's not what I am looking to do.

      It's a lot to ask- but all I need to capture is the users score.

      I wrote this in a Quizmaker forum quite some time ago:

      "I have used Macromedia's (now Adobe's) Captivate to create quizes. With a little tweaking of the JavaScript on the reporting page set to send the comma-delimited results to email, I was able to send the results of the quiz (5 fields only- quiz number, first name, last name, date, number correct) to an access database for later retrieval."

      Also, "I have the log-in piece done already- when the test-taker logs in, they fill out their name, emp. num. & position on a form.

      When they hit the "go to test" button, it launches the quiz and at the same time creates a record which includes the results of the log-in form, including a hidden date and time field, in the DB.

      Once they finish taking the quiz, they hit another button which (in theory , using Quizmaker) allows them to see their score and sends the number correct and the time they finished to their record.

      The administrators then can get all the info they need from the DB."

      I have attached the Quizmaker output code and the C# code solution.

      Again, the quiztaker will have a record started with their First, Last names, position, and hidden date and time fields.

      All I need is to add their final score to their record- so most of the C# code is unnecessarily complex.

      I'm hoping there is a much simpler CF/Access DB solution.

      Thanks for any clues....