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    Muse text/assets not reflecting in Y axis correctly

    Richard5555NeedsHelp Level 1

      My text and pictures are not reflecting in the correct Y position when I preview my muse website. For example I positioned some simple text at X 30 and Y 260. When I preview my site the text appears in the correct X position but not in the Y position. I would estimate the text is previewing in the Y position at about 140. I do have a rectangle sized 1280 in width and exactly 150 pixels in height positioned at 0, 0 in X & Y respectively on my master page at the highest layer (to act as a background for my logo and the menu). As I said my text on layer 5 is positioned at 260 in Y and appears under the rectangle when I preview the site.


      Has anyone ever encountered a problem like this and/or have any suggestions?


      Thank you.