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    Double sided spinning image

    ehelwig86 Level 1

      Hi, I have two circular images that I am attempting to have spin.  I can make each one spin independently, but I would like them to be back to back, so halfway around one image is shown, and at the completion of the revolution, the opposite image is shown.  If that doesn't make sense, think of a rotating lit up sign - two faces. I just want each face to be a different image. Thank you in advance!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like nothing more than a couple of keyframes with the anchor point exactly at the center of the image. You can get it there by turning on snaps.


          You can also just keyframe one image rotating and then add an expression with a minus sign in the front of it using the pickwhip. Just select the image 1 and image 2, press r to reveal the rotation property for both layers, select only the rotation property in Image 2 while holding down the Alt/Option key, type - then grab the pickwhip and drag it to the rotation property of Image 2. You should get an expression that looks something like this:

          - thisComp.layer("Image 2").transform.rotation


          Now all you have to do is create a mask on one or both of the images to reveal only half of the circle.


          This is real basic AE stuff. Sounds like you are new. I would start on the Adobe After Effects CC product page and follow the link that says New to After Effects? Get the basics then check out the beginner section.

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            ehelwig86 Level 1

            New!? I've been doing this a whole 30 minutes!   Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  Now to see what kind of damage I can do!

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Follow the link and get some basics before you do anything else. It will save you a lot of time. AE has a billion combination of switches and I've never met anybody that could figure it out without reading the manual.