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    Whats the problem


      Canon 6d mkii wifi raw files direct to samsung j5 2017.......pics look fine exposure etc.

      Upload to cc 2017 all images are dark. Once a few changes are made they look great!  Upload back to phone they look washed out in comparrison. I enhance pics on phone and upload to face book and they look great to me and others... what could be the problem! I have calibrated monitor still no differant????? Please help..

      In cc 2017 the HDR filter also awful in every default.... thanks Mike.

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          A few comments:


          1. When you open a raw file, unless it is coming with adjustments made elsewhere and stored in DNG, it will open in camera raw in its basic off the camera state. You need to adjust that using ACR. Look at the histogram in ACR it will quickly tell you whether the image is underexposed.


          2. Photoshop is color managed but to take full advantage of that you need to use a profiled monitor. How did you calibrate your monitor, what tool and software did you use, what white level did you set?


          3. Images exported for web use need to be converted to the sRGB color space and have the sRGB color profile embedded. Photoshop Save for Web legacy has check boxes for both of these.  That way, if they are viewed on a color managed browser and another calibrated and profiled screen they will also look correct. If they are viewed on a non color managed system then all bets are off which brings me to the next point.....



          4. Images displayed on your phone are not being colour managed. I have a Samsung S7 - in it's default screen mode, it displays correctly adjusted sRGB images as vastly over-bright and over-saturated. The screen was designed for viewing outside on a sunny day - not for critical color work. The phone does have a "Basic" screen mode which is slightly more accurate, or I should say less inaccurate (it reduces some of the  the oversaturation at least) but is still not color managed.
          I would never make color adjustments on a phone.




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            mikeh61573229 Level 1

            My photos on camera histogram look to be exposed fine. They are sent to phone and are fine.... i upload from camera to laptop and they are in a folder all CR2 icons Ihave them set to open in cc 2017. They open in raw i adjust and save as jpegs and store i then send to phone and do not look like images stored as jpeg on laptop... on laptop they are very rich in phone they arent as good as originals camera sent in the first place. I only shoot in raw!


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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              What profile did you use for your image? Please post an example jpeg here (just click on the insert image icon at the top of the posting box) .

              As I asked earlier, when you said you had calibrated your monitor, - how did you calibrate your monitor, what tool and software did you use, what white level did you set?




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                mikeh61573229 Level 1

                You were correct its the profile in photo shop changed and everything is great thanks for your help. Much appreciated.


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