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    Single-pixel distortion down the center of my canvas in Photoshop CC 2017




      I recently switched computers and encountered a seemingly permanent issue with Photoshop CC 2017. There's a single line going down the center of my screen/canvas area on any file open in Photoshop. I thought it might be my monitor (22HD Cintiq) at first but it doesn't happen in any other software/application. I checked to see if it was the GPU rendering and so I turned it off in PS' performance options. The problem went away but OpenCL/GL was disabled so I couldn't use any of the features I actually need out of Photoshop. I have a video of the effect in real-time. I can't screenshot it (obviously) so I replicated what the distortion looks like on my screen in examples below:


      I've searched up and down for a solution but can't find one. I've tried changing settings in the Nvidia Control panel to no avail, switching from Advanced graphics rendering in PS to Basic/Normal--nothing works other than turning graphics processor rendering off altogether.


      Any help would be super appreciated. For better or worse Photoshop is necessary for my full-time job and hobby and I really need it to like... work. :s



      Windows 10


      Nvidia GTX 1070