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    Pictures are not opening in original color in PS CC


      Hello as the title indicates when i open a photo in photoshop the colors are not retained. I cannot find anything anywhere as to why this is happening. I have included a side by side comparison. The left is photoshop, just opened the picture no modification and on the right the original raw file untouched as well. As you can see by the pic there is a lot of color missing when it opens in PS CC. I do not understand why photoshop would just screw with the colors right off the bat but if there's a setting somewhere that fixes this I would be grateful!



      ps junk.JPG

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What you're seeing on the right is not "the unmodified raw file". What you're seeing is the embedded jpeg processed in the camera, according to algorithms arbitrarily determined by the camera manufacturer.


          There is no such thing as an unmodified raw file. A raw file in its native state is just a very dark and visually compressed grayscale image, not anything you'd recognize at all - because that's how the sensor records it.


          ACR's defaults are conservative, intended to protect as much as possible of the original sensor data. The sliders are there for a reason - use them! There are different camera profiles to give different starting points. There's one that imitates the camera manufacturer's rendering, called "Camera Standard".