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    Start screen doesnt show

    Necklass Level 1

      On startup the start screen with latest files show correctly. But after opening a document and then closing it, the start screen doesnt show.

      Running CC, latest update, on Microsoft Surface Studio, Windows 10.

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          master mo Adobe Community Professional

          Try choosing the Start workspace from the Control Panel. It's on the top right.


          You can also choose it from Window > Workspace > Start



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            ThayliaS Level 1

            I work on a Mac (specifically, a late 2013 21.5" iMac, using Sierra OS v 10.12.6 (16G29)) at work, and upgraded to the new 2018 version a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, mine is doing the same thing -- not showing the Start workspace in InDesign when no docs are open, even though I have that option checked in the "General" section of the preferences.


            I have uninstalled and re-installed it three times using the Creative Cloud desktop app, each time selecting the option that says NOT to save my preferences. Yet, each time I open the app after a clean install, the Start workspace still doesn't show. :-( I also noticed that when I try to manually select the "Start" workspace from the drop-down menu, the "Start" option is grayed out and not available to choose. This has happened consistently after each install.


            Is there someplace in the system folder that Adobe has hidden preferences that I haven't located?? I have gone inside of the preference folder inside of my User folder and manually thrown away the file entitled "com.adobe.InDesign.plist" before each install. Any suggestions about what I can try now??


            Thank you!

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              Wizard Status Level 1

              I'm having a similar problem.


              When all documents are closed, my start screen is completely blank—no recent docs, no template choices, no help videos, nothing.


              Recent documents still works, but the start screen is empty.

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                ThayliaS Level 1

                Okay, All!


                I started thinking that when something isn't acting right, in my browser, I clear the cache and all usually returns to normal, so why not clear InDesign's cache -- if that is even possible? So I Googled "Clear InDesign's cache" and lo-and-behold, this miraculous instruction came up on my screen:


                Screenshot 2018-02-21 11.30.22.png


                As I said above, I work on a Macs both at home and at work, and was encountering this problem on both of my machines. So I chose option #2 above, restarted InDesign and when it opened my friend, the Start Screen was back!!! Hope this is the correct solution and that it works for you as it did for me! :-)