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    Filter Search Results?


      I have an RH 2015 Responsive HTML 5 Release Notes project that lists changes from one product update to the next.  Each topic is a cumulative list of changes within a functional area. A parenthetical notation of the update number that included the change follows the description of the change.


      The many topics look sort of like this:


      • Control Number Lookup
        Changed... (4.10.013)
      • Menu Lookup
        Changed... (4.10.019)
      • MRB Tag Lookup
        Changed.. (4.10.022)
      • Product Structure Lookup
        Changed... (4.10.018)
      • Sales Quote Lookup
        Changed... (4.10.018)
      • Shipment Lookup
        Changed... (4.10.024)


      Each topic continues to evolve over the 2-3-year product cycle.

      If users want to see everything that was changed in .024, they can Search for .024 and end up with a list of topics that they then have to open and scroll through. Can search results be filtered to display a list of only .024 changes?

      If not, do I need to generate multiple outputs -- or something -- so that users can choose the cumulative or an update-specific output to display?

      Much appreciate your help!!!


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          There are a few different things you might consider. But primarily, as you are talking about "Filtering", have you investigated using the Filters function that this version of RoboHelp introduced?


          Essentially you create Conditional Build Tags, apply them to content, then in the Responsive HTML 5 output you enable the Filters option and configure it to work as you want.


          Cheers... Rick