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    Uploading to FTP (GoDaddy) error


      I am taking over the task of updating our website that someone else created in Muse. I'm new to this so please bear with me. The creator has sent me the Muse file and I have all of the GoDaddy login info that our site is currently hosted on. When I go to "upload to FTP host" and enter "public_html"  for the Folder on Server field I am getting an error saying "folder doesn't exist, Do you want to create it?". But the folder does exist...Not sure what steps to take here and I'm just nervous to mess up the live site. I have also tried leaving that field blank and I get the same error. Should I choose to ignore? Also wondering if since I have not uploaded from my computer before do I need to choose "all files" over "modified only files"? Or will it know the modified only files to upload? Thanks so much for any help with this!