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    text align issue

    jmurph2591 Level 1

      Hi, i've been using photoshop for 7 years and have encountered this problem ever since. when i go to align a text layer, after selecting the layer (command + a) and then using the align horizontal centers tool, the text never properly center and goes off to the left, likewise happens when attempting the align left edges/right edges. the only way the tool works properly is if i rasterize the text layer then perform the command, this is quite a hassle and i know it should not be working this way. i feel like this is a glitch but am not sure. any help is appreciated!






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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Which version of PS and OS?

          I assume you draw out a type area with the Type tool before pasting in (or typing in) the text.


          It might be worth resetting your Photoshop preferences.

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional


            Are you by any chance using the centre text tool in the options bar.:


            If so then the text will jump to the left as it will centre around your original cursor placement (which presumably was at the left of your typing).


            If you want to centre the text on the page choose the move tool , click on your text layer - then select all (Ctrl+A /Cmd +A)  then use the align layers icon in the Move tool


            If that is what you are doing - please post a screenshot - before and after alignment - including the layers panel and options bar



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              Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

              The Paragraph (and Character) Styles panels are also useful for alignment and other kinds of typographic fine tuning.

              Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 18.53.20.png

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                Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Can you post a screen shot? I don't seem to be having that issue. When I do what you say, and select all, the use the align center, the type is centered on the canvas: