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    Terminal Server, 60 Users but only 3 users need Acrobat DC Standard


      Good Afternoon,


      I have a situation where we're building a Win2016 RemoteApp terminal server farm (5 servers in total)

      This farm is going to support 60 users but I only need Actobat DC Standard for 3 named users.

      Can I properly install/license Acrobat DC for just these 3 users in this terminal server farm?

      Acrobat DC Standard won't be used by the other 57 users; I assume/hope that that it will still appear on all user's start menu but the software will only work for the 3 licensed users.


      Is this do-able?  What I'm trying to avoid is having to buy 60 licenses to satify 3 users, or being forced to spin-up a separtate terrminal server with Acrobat DC installed for just three users.