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    PS Touch was better than the current mix of apps, please upgrade them.

    ciphotoau Level 1

      I like many was PS Touch user until I updated to OS11. I used it not only to edit images but to create abstract art images.  With these current apps we can not select a narrow band/swatch of an image, stretch it, fold it, transform it at all.  Not mention we can not stack or arrange layers for effects.


      Some of my images I would start on my computer version and then swap to touch because I liked working with that way and the filters, effects were a little different.


      On top of not being able to use it any more, I can not access the partial projects I had saved there. I don’t do much cloud storage because my life tales me out from under the ”cloud“ quite often, or where it is very spotty and weak.


      Please add the ability to select, invert, clear areas, to really transform, stretch, warp, fold order layers like we could in PS Touch.  We lost a lot of ability and the 3 replacement apps combined don’t do near what I could do in PS Touch.  I would pay to have it back, as i’m sure others would too.


      I’m really disappointed that Adobe has decided to step away from full power more creative apps to simplified apps only.

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          jgilles Level 1

          Agree completely, PS Touch was better than all 5 of the new dummy apps. As a profesional Retoucher I used PS Touch on my phone and photoshop in the studio. It was the closet thing to photoshop. I don’t understand why Adobe would abandon there loyal customers to go after soccer moms!  For over the past 25 years I’ve seen them change stuff in photoshop for no reason at all!  I shouldn’t be surprized. Wake up and listen to your customers for once Adobe!! update PSTouch for 11.02! Don’t abandon your loyal professionals!!

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