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    Restore old photo

    Kerwick011 Level 1


      I have here this old photo which I would like to restore, as well as possible. Me as a basic Photoshop user tried things as playing with contrast, curves etc, didn't help that much. Could someone help me with this? I could send it to 'you' if you want to fix it yourself. I know the photo isn't that good but it is the real condition of the original photo I have in the photobook.



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          Landailyn Level 1

          Hi. I'm a photo restoration expert/lynda.com author on the subject and I could help you with it, but I'd have you send me a good copy of the image and I'd give you a quote. I can tell you the amount of work that looks like it would take would probably be in the $150 area. You can find a lot of people that would do it cheaper, but you should look for someone who's proficient with badly scratched/damaged photos. If you'd like to send me the image, the email is [Please use the Private Message system instead of posting email addresses publicly, as it is against forum policy.]. Good luck!


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            Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Landailyn is an excellent at restoration, and has very good prices. I would highly recommend her.

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              Kerwick011 Level 1

              Thanks for your comment. Not to be rude, I actually hope'd someone would do it for free, or would give me tips how to fix this photo.

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                davidc1815 Level 4

                You may find someone willing to have a go for free here:




                'Have a go' is of course a different thing to a professional service.

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                  davescm Adobe Community Professional

                  Kerwick011  wrote


                  ............ Not to be rude, I actually hope'd someone would do it for free, ...........



                  Do you work for free?


                  As far as tips - if you want to tackle it yourself, you can take a look at the following tools to get you started

                  1. Dust and scratches filter

                  2. Black and white adjustment layer

                  3. Spot healing brush

                  4. Clone stamp

                  No single tool/filter will instantly fix the image. As indicated in the posts above it will take a fair bit of work - but could be a good learning experience if you are willing to do it.



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                    Kerwick011 Level 1

                    I wouldn't call it work, but "help". Don't get me wrong, I'm not demanding it orsomething.. just asking for help. And thanks for your tips, I will get on to it later on. If I think the result is ok I will show it here (If I won't forget it)

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                      Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                      I'm definitely not comfortable with this forum being used to tout for business.  There are forums out there, like Photoshop Gurus, but I see this site being more for empowering people to do the job themselves. 


                      We have some very capable people here, but Retouch Pro is the place to go for lots of experts at this sort of thing.  It usually works out that if you provide a decent sized image to work with, several people will have a go at it just for the pleasure of testing their Photoshop skills.





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                        Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Trevor, I don't think Landailyn was touting business in the sense that she posted a thread to illicit business. There are a lot of post on these forums for people looking for help, both in how to do something, and perhaps finding someone to do it for them. As Dave mentioned, no one like to work for free. I see a lot of this on the scripting forums where someone really doesn't want to learn scripting, just wants someone to do it for them. I have had a few OP's PM me, asking if I could write a script for hire. I saw this post, and contacted Landailyn, as I know her and her work, which is excellent. I told her that the OP might want a freebee, but said it might be worth replying to possibly get some work.

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                          terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                          I tend to agree with you Trevor. If Landailyn wasn't trying to procure business why mention a price and then say it can be done for less, but with inferior quality? Having said that I see no reason why forum users should not do things for a fee, after all we can submit photographs to the stock library and receive royalties, so why not have Adobe Professional an expert service with fixed fees for different types of work?


                          I actually have done some restorations for free here, just usually as a challenge to see how much is possible and also for people who have lost loved ones and want something decent to remember them by-it can take a long time and often the OP will not even say thank you and for that reason I don't do it anymore. The OP may like to look at

                          Photoshop Gurus Forum


                          where they do free and paid work