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    Questions on titles and key words

    jimac1953 Level 1

      Some questions on titles.


      Is it OK to use the same title on multiple images. If I took a series of photos of a canyon and just named them all (about 10 images), "Views of the Canyon" would that cause any problems.


      Is the title treated like key words in a search. If I name the image "View of the Canyon" do I need to include canyon as a key word.


      Which is the most important for searches. The keywords or the title?


      Does anyone check keyword accuracy? In some of the searches I've done trying to review images, I don't think the key words are very accurate. On some of the very first pages and images I think the location keywords are wrong. The very first page of a search for "New Mexico" shows images with saguaro cactus which don't grow  in New Mexico.


      Thanks for any help from anyone.