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    Creation of Hero Banner or Header picture for online applications


      Hi Everybody,


      I'm wondering which is the right and easiest way to create a new hero banner oder header picture for online applications


      At the moment I'm working with two different ways:


      Way 1. Import to Photoshop and crop the picture to the right size.

           disadvantage: Photoshop is just able to show one page, so you have to create for different layout options different layers and switch them on and off to compare


      Way 2. Import to InDesign (web-setting with pixels)

         advantage to photoshop: I have more pages and could create for every design a single page. It's easy to compare the different pictures;
          After designing I can export a jpg or png directly from Indesign


      Does anybody know which is the best and right way to create such a picture?
      Maybe I'm completely wrong with my two ways and I should use an other software?


      Thanks for your recommendations!