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    Forum Feature Request - prompt for "mark as correct"

    Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

      Hello there. My name is Colin Flashman, a poster on this forum for the past ten years or so.

      I'd like to request a feature to be added to the forums, and that is a prompt for the original poster to mark an answer as correct if they have replied in the positive to an answer to their original query.

      For example.

      Poster A asks how to close an InDesign file with a keyboard shortcut.

      Poster B provides a solution "try Command + W"

      Poster A replies "great, that worked, thanks!" but does NOT mark his question as answered correctly.

      outcome -

      Poster A receives the correct information but Poster B does not receive any community points for providing the correct response.

      This has happened to me plenty of times. I'm sure if I received community points for providing correct answers where answers back to me were given in the affirmative but not marked as answered, I'd be hundreds of more community points ahead. That aside, marking an answer as correct also shows people asking similar questions that in fact a correct answer was supplied.

      Is there a way that the forum can prompt an original poster to answer a question correctly if words in their post suggest that the answer is in the affirmative, such as "yes, that's it", "it works, great" etc...

      Similar technology is available in internet mail clients such as Gmail where a person may type an email mentioning an attachment but not include one - upon pressing the send button, Gmail issues a prompt along the lines of "there is mention of an attachment but no attachment was detected, would you like to send an attachment?"

      Just my $1.05