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    Problem when i import a song file


      So i just started to get this error I dont know if its cause there is an F after the amount of time on the time line part or its just something that i dont know about and i believe that im the only one having this problem. So when I import the song file it is there then when i drag it down to my Main comp it is 10X longer then it should be? the song is only 3mins and I need to do this to a lot of songs today any help please? screen shots here


      1. Song length http://prntscr.com/gxc6ga

      2. What AE puts it as this project is 1 hour and 30 minutes long

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          colbyw72749333 Level 1

          Even when I restart AE it still does it

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            colbyw72749333 Level 1

            Solved the issue it was only 1min long i remeber the minute thing being the hour time section in comp settings

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The timeline doesn't tell us anything. Select the audio track in the Project Panel and show us the what the source is and how it is interpreted. I'm guessing that it is a compressed mp3 file that is not 100% compatible with video production. If the file is supposed to be 30 seconds and the info to the right of the thumbnail doesn't give you the sample rate, the length, the format and tell you if it's stereo or mono then you have a corrupted or incompatible file.


              Standard audio for video, no make that all audio and video production is at least16-bit 48 kHz PCM uncompressed WAV or AAIF audio. MP3 44.1 kHz is not a production format, it's a fairly low-quality format that originated when they were trying to make digital audio playback on cd's because that's all the computers and CD players could handle. Add MP3 compression to 44.1 and you potentially have a mess. There are hundreds of combinations of compression that you can use on audio. If you are doing production you should convert all audio to at least 48 kHz 16-bit PCM WAV format.