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    face doesnt blink

    omer47 Level 1

      Hello, I was following the very first steps in creating a face, eyes etc on illustrator and how Ch should react to this.
      the eyes and pupils are working fine, but I couldn't get my character to blink.

      can u spot anything I did wrong there ?

      whats wrong with blink 2.png

      thank u

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          That looks like it should work to me.


          Maybe Face > Eyelid strength is set to 0%, which disables blinks? Or they didn't tag properly inside CH? Or the lighting is too low to recognize blinks?


          If none of these help, could you please File > Export > Puppet and share it as a link (Creative Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) so we could take a closer look?

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            omer47 Level 1

            ty, i would love to upload it.


            i cannot figure out if there is something wrong with my output, or I just did something wrong in the layers.


            the blink doesn't work. especially not for each eye individually. the mouth is also weird, it doesn't really sync with my speaking as it totally does in your youtube video. its like randomizing lip moving while it hears me speaking. (I repeated ur sentences in order to compare)


            this is the link to my work in progress: to send for check.puppet - Google Drive

            thank u !