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    Premiere keeps crashing because 32GB of RAM is too little?

    jackwilsonvideo Level 1

      Hey guys,


      Just having a bit of a strange problem here. When putting a lot of stress on my workload via many track layers and effects within Premiere, I am finding that occasionally my program crashes, along with a Windows error message with a yellow caution sign icon, that warns that Premiere is using too much RAM and must be shut down!


      I am working on a Threadripper 1950x system with 32GB of quad channel RAM. In the past, when using a Ryzen 1700x with a near-identical dual channel 32GB of RAM, I would never get this issue.


      I set the allocated RAM usage in the Premiere preferences to 16GB and optimize for performance. So I am curious why it is still hogging beyond that amount allocated. In my CAM hardware monitoring software, I am seeing RAM usage going up to 80% for some reason.


      What could be the issue here? I don't honestly think that 64GB was necessary for complex 4K workloads. Is that changing these days? Is Threadripper RAM hungry?


      Any advice or solutions to this issue would be greatly appreciated.