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    Hiding PDF form sections and then moving the rest of the form up

    kyleg60273279 Level 1

      This is my first post so any help would be greatly appreciated. My question involves 2 parts:


      1. I have a PDF form (which was created in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC from a MS Word 2010 document) which has 2 radio buttons, each of which will hide a section of the form. I have managed to hide the form fields using "Actions"-"Run javascript" and code for each field which looks like this:


      this.getField("Field Name").display = display.hidden;


      However I do not know how to select and hide the text in that section (which is not a text form field) as well as any of the other objects like a table outline. Any help in this regard would really help.


      2. Now assuming I can hide the section (from part 1) is it possible to get the next section to move up so that there is no white space between the sections?


      Thanks in advance for the help