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    PhotoShop Entry Point Not Found (tbbmalloc.dll)

    zeeshan.waheed Level 1

      Hey Adobe brothers,

      Please help me to solve this issue , i been trying to find solution but give up & joined adobe forum.
      i updated my windows and installed all the DLL that are required.... but still cant solve this issue..
      i am using windows 8.1..





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          DelphiZoa Adobe Community Professional

          The necessary .dll files for any given application should register automatically when you install that application. Since your computer isn't recognizing this one, it's either missing or corrupted, and so my first inclination would be to try reinstalling Photoshop:


          1. Uninstall the current app via the Creative Cloud desktop app: Uninstall or remove Creative Cloud apps.
          2. If there are any problems, run the cleaner tool: Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems
          3. Restart your computer.
          4. Install Photoshop from the desktop app: Download and install Creative Cloud apps
          5. Launch Photoshop


          If that doesn't work, you might try manually registering, repairing or restoring the tbbmalloc.dll file via Microsoft. Instructions for doing so are at the bottom of this web page: How To Fix Tbbmalloc.dll is Missing / Not Found Error (they are in reference to Photoshop Elements not Photoshop CC, but the steps for working with Microsoft should be valid).


          And finally, if none of the above fixes the issue, providing us with some more info will help us further troubleshoot:

          1. Is this a new installation of Photoshop or something that suddenly stopped working? In the latter case, did you make any recent changes to your system?
          2. Was Photoshop installed using the Creative Cloud desktop app? If so, what version of the desktop app are you using?
          3. When exactly does the error message you posted appear (during program launch, when performing a certain task, etc.)?
          4. Do you have any other Adobe software installed on your computer?