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    4k RAW Video editing/effects work station.


      So I recently moved up the a Canon c200 with 4k raw files. I need a PC I can use and edit high quality 4k files in real time along with doing heavy effects via after effects and possibly blender and other 3d programs. I do not need real time editing at full res with heavy effects as long as I can do it at 1/4 res but I would like full res playback at lease on basic color corrected 4k footage. I have 2 system builds one INTEL and on AMD and am not sure which to go with. The AMD is more expensive by 300 but from what I have been reading may be worth it.








      Help ASAP would be much appreciated!

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            RjL190365 Level 5

            You are completely missing a discrete GPU with the Threadripper build. AMD's higher-end CPUs such as the Ryzen and Threadripper do not have integrated video at all, nor do motherboards for either series of CPUs that have onboard video/graphics exist. These particular AMD platforms require a discrete GPU to even work at all. Otherwise, without one, you have a completely non-functional build.


            On the other hand, if you're going to use Premiere Pro regularly (in addition to After Effects), I strongly recommend swapping out the AMD Radeon GPU for an Nvidia GeForce GTX card for the Intel build: At present, Premiere's CUDA acceleration still outperforms its OpenCL counterpart by a fairly significant margin. (Unless your R9 390X card is a carryover from an earlier build; in this case, an upgrade to a mid-range GeForce card might cost you more money than the performance improvement justifies.)


            And with both of those platforms, you really need four sticks of RAM in quad-channel mode for best performance (the Threadripper and the Intel HEDT platform both support quad-channel memory). As configured, you have only two sticks of RAM, and you cannot run quad-channel with only two sticks. Only dual-channel.

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              Sorry, Forgot to include I would the 390 radeon gpu in both builds as I already have one from my previous. I do plan to upgrade to a 1080ti down the road. I just really want to know if the threadripper is worth the extra cash or not? Also I plan to get 2 more 16gb sticks for 64gb of ram total so I will be using quad channel.