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    For a game developer that uses Adobe Animate, is there a future?


      I've been using Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Animate for the past 5 years to make this game:



      This is only a tiny glimpse into everything I've been working on. About a week ago, people started scaring me away from writing in AS3 and using Animate because of the end of the flash player. That thing is, I REALLY would rather keep using Photoshop and Animate to make my games because they work really well with each other (I can instantly edit sprites in Photoshop and they immediately update in Animate) and I know AS3 well enough to actually get this done.


      I've been trying other frameworks like Haxe and Unity just to try things out, but both of those have their problems. Haxe ide's don't have the nifty symbols library as far as I know and while Unity does have something of a symbols library with their prefabs, their physics engine has been difficult to wrap my head around. Trying to recreate this game in one or the other has been excruciatingly difficult. I've gotten the farthest with Unity, but C# is nowhere near as easy as AS3 for me.


      I just want to be able to make and sell a game one day, probably on Steam. Will this be doable with AS3 and Adobe Animate, or any of Adobe's products after flash is gone? People are throwing all kinds of game making software at me, like Godot, but I'm not ready just yet.