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    Book layout in photoshop

    jblo Level 1

      I've been using photoshop since it came on a pile of floppy disks and am very comfortable with it. I've never used InDesign for anything but file conversion.


      I'm trying to create a photobook that involves hundreds of photographs and none of the online creation sites have any way to organize the photos during design. So I'd like to use photoshop. My research tells me I can import my final photoshop document into InDesgn to create the PDF. (I don't want to spend weeks learning InDesign).


      The question. Is there a way I can get Photoshop to display 2 layers side by side to simulate a book layout?


      Thanks for any help.

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Absorbing the basics of InDesign, just enough to get this done, will take a lot less time than hacking your way through this with Photoshop.


          You just think it will be quicker because you already know it. But in fact it's such a bad tool for this job that you'll bang your head against the wall half the time. It will drain you of energy and take all the fun out of it.


          This is what InDesign was born to do!


          Aside from that, learning by doing is the best way. Then it sticks.

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            jblo Level 1

            Uhhh. Never mind.


            Double the width of the file then divide in half when done.


            Should have had my coffee FIRST.

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              jblo Level 1

              Thanks for the input. I agree, in the long run, with the concept. I'll check it out.


              This is really a one off project and the investment in learning to CORRECTLY use Indesgin would be of little payoff for ME. I'm not much for slapping something together just because I don't know how to correctly use all the software.


              I did some quick research and it seems Indesign may be as challenging to new users as Photoshop (or any powerful software) is.


              I may do the photo comp in Photoshop then add text in Indesign. We'll see.


              Thanks, again for the advice. I may come back to your answer if the workflow gets too complex.

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                jdanek Level 4

                Where is the book going to be printed?  You could do the image pages as you've described, even do a Save As > Photoshop PDF ( in the proper color space ).  Then, give the PDFs to the print vendor for the text pages ( They will probable place your PDF or image files [ if you give them both ] ).  Then sign-off on their proof(s).

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                  Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                  I suggest you don't get into any work-arounds with InDesign etc, it will probably end in tears! Use a service such as Blurb: Create, Print, and Sell Professional-Quality Photo Books | Blurb   to create your photobook (there are other companies that offer similar services) they provide easy ways to produce photo books offering templates and step-by-step instructions.

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                    jblo Level 1

                    Thanks for the reply. I've used blurb in the past and it's actually where I started this project. The problem I run into is Blurb simply provides NO way of organizing photos. I have several hundred images divided into a couple dozen subjects. The way I understand blurb, I get one project folder with hundreds of images to sort through. I contacted Blurb and they verified this.


                    I've used it for simple books and it works well. This project is way too complex.


                    Shutterfly has a perfect template, but the same organizational limitations.


                    I'm currently waiting for an answer from Blurb about how I can get from photoshop to Blurb. Their website simply says "Contact Customer Support" when it comes to Photoshop. I'll let you know what I hear. They do suggest In Design.


                    I'm open to other suggestions that offer the ability to manage photos a little more robustly.


                    Thanks, again.

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                      jblo Level 1

                      For anyone reading this later.


                      My final solution was to build a file the same dimensions as 2 side by side pages and design like that. Then create 1 file with two pages for every page.


                      When using the book making software (or website) I just chose a template that spans one picture over 2 pages.


                      Worked perfectly.

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                        melissapiccone Adobe Community Professional

                        I know InDesign and Photoshop and still do all of my digital scrapbooks in Photoshop. It is way faster for me... use what you know and what works.