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    MIAW for Web

      I have some lesson files each has some tabs say Tab1, Tab2, Tab3....
      These tabs are calling another .dcr file and in the .dcr file I have markers each representing a Tab.
      Properties of tab file are
      window type = tool, minimizebox=false, maxmizebox=flase, closebox=false, visible=false, border=line
      while lessons file's properties are
      window type = document, minimizebox=false, maxmizebox=flase, closebox=false, visible=false, border=line.

      Code behind lesson file
      global gTabWin
      window().new ("Tabs")
      set gTabWin = window("Tabs").name
      --window(gTabWin).filename = the moviePath & "Tabs.dcr"
      window(gTabWin).filename = "Tabs.dcr"

      global gTabWin
      on mouseUp me

      global gTabWin
      on whichTab pTab
      case pTab of
      openWin pTab
      openWin pTab
      openWin pTab
      end case

      on openWin pTab
      window(gTabWin).rect = rect(390, 240, 900, 720)
      tell window(gTabWin)
      go to string(pTab)
      end tell

      When I play these lesson files independently it works fine, tabs appear at right place but I want to embed these lesson files in an e-learning site.
      Imagin I have a list of lectures at left panel user clicks any lecture that lecture appears and played in specified panel and when user clicks on any tab that tab file appears on top of lecture file. My problems starts from here if lecture file appears it works fine but when I click any tab file does not appear, I wish that my tab should behaive like a traditional tab.

      If someone have any idea, pice of code share with I can share my files as well if required.
      Thanks and Regards