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    Dynamical Tree handling multiple requests


      I think I already explained well my need. I currently have an implementation of a tree control that is dynamic. So, when I click to open a node, it sends a request to server to ask for its children.

      Attached you have my tree code.
      And here is a sample feedback I have from server in XML:

      <item id="3" type="folder" label="Item 1.1" isBranch="true"/>
      <item id="4" type="folder" label="Item 1.2" isBranch="false"/>

      The problem is that if I the user clicks too fast to open two branches, only the last request is added. THe other request is lost, but its node keeps the down arrow. If I try to close it then, it crashes the app.

      My question is how do I make this code able to work with simultaneous requests? I already tried via AsyncToken without success. The main problem using tokens is how to pick the selected item then. =\

      Thanks in advance,

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      Guilherme Blanco