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    Photo Set-Up for photoshop work later


      Hi, I am working on a Texture for an In-game engine and I need to use an actual photo with the background cut out. The Photo will have lots of transparency and I not sure what color to use at the background of my photo. I thought a bright green to easily select the color to crop it out. Or a color close to what  the texture it will be placed on?


      To be more specific, I'm creating a "bloody text", Photographing it, and removing all but the text in Photoshop. I can use any colored paper I need, but I don't know what to use. I'm worried a bright green will mess up my more transparent red's or will not be able to be removed correctly. At the same time I've tried something similar on tan paper and it was very hard for me to remove the background.


      I know this is less of a question about Photoshop... but for someone who knows Photoshop better than me...Hopefully you all may be able to help!


      If anyone has any incite or thoughts on the matter.. please reply!!!  Also if you know of any tutorials that would help a project like this

      Thanks so much for your time!


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          Depends entirely on your game engine. If it supports proper alpha and clipping maps (which most contemporary ones do), none of that matters. It would only be relevant if the engine uses palette-based transparency such as in GIFs and 8 bit PNGs. Without knowing what engine you use, nobody can advise more specifically.