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    Rule tagging and Bubbling missing

    paragn36103535 Level 1

      Presently in DTM you can add a tag to a rule that is being created to classify them wihtin DTM.



      Also, you have some extra setting to setup bubbling on page elements.


      Are we loosing these 2 options in new Launch ?

      What are pros of cons if we are not going to use them anymore ?


      Specially keen to know what's better / alternate in Launch if we are gonna be looseing these options of 'Bubbling'.



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          thebenrobb Adobe Employee

          We'll be adding labels later on.  Part of our work initially was to determine what was absolutely necessary for the MVP, and labels didn't make the cut, but they are on the roadmap.


          The bubbling is still in Launch as part of the Event Configuration screen wherever it makes sense.  If you create a rule with the Form Change event, for example, the bubbling options will show up on the right-hand side of the screen and you can configure them before you save the event.