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    CC app window is jumbled and apps can't open start screens

    RecordzandDiscs Level 1

      Hi,  If someone could please take a look at this screen capture, showing the issues  I am having.

      Dropbox - adobe cc start screen and app screen problems.mp4


      It's quite strange.   I can't see a start screen in most cc apps. In this demo video, I get a strange message from photoshop about loading the start screen.

      But what is also weird, is when I open the Creative Cloud app,  the tab called "apps" shows a jumbled mess.  It's like the html or css is messed up.

      Please check out the video I uploaded to dropbox.  "A picture is worth a  thousand works".  ( in this case, a video)


      Thanks to anyone who has an explanation or solution!

      Bob E