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    Arms/Limbs are recorded in one direction, but playback in the opposite direction




      I absolutely love Character Animator. You've been very helpful with videos and templates! Thank you!

      I'm currently having an issue with recording my arms. I've been very careful to follow every step, but I could be missing something simple.

      Here's an example: If I record the arm in a position where the hand is pointed outward/horizontally going away from the body, and the elbow is pointing towards the floor in a downward angle, sometimes when I play the recording back, the elbow is pointing upward toward the ceiling, the hand continues to point outward as originally directed. Every now and then, the original command that I intended plays back, but it's rare. It switches back and forth from original to inversed. I feel I may be missing something that could be confusing the program.

      I've toggled with the idea of simply creating an upper arm, and a forearm, and stapling them together, but in all of the tutorials I've seen on youtube the arms are independent, one layer each, and they are then given the forearm/upper arm structure with sticks during the rigging process. I haven't seen all of the videos so perhaps I've missed something. Is there a simple command that would allow me to inverse? Please help!

      Thank you!