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    Pen Tool curves are barely visible. Are there any options to make them more conspicuous?

    DiazArtist Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      When I like to make precise masking or cut outs in Photoshop I like to use the Pen Tool. Once I finish I simply select it and nice easy clean cut outs.

      The problem is I can see the paths while I'm working in Photoshop anymore. I have a 4K iMac and upgraded to PSCC last year. Now the paths and anchors are so light or thin that I can barely see them. The other annoying thing is that it is a lot harder to pick anchor points and curves to adjust or join points. You need more precision to pick the path. This slows down the production and not to mention more frustrating and time consuming. The visibility issue also happens with the marching ants (marquee) when something is selected.


      Is there any way to make them stand out more and be more responsive? I had to start making an separate layer with very garnish color overlays so I can see them better, but I guess I was used to thicker and more conspicuous designing for these tools. They are too "hi-def" perhaps. I rather they be a little more bulky and noticeable.


      I was thinking maybe there is something that I can do in preferences that I'm not aware of.



      Screenshot 2017-10-15 23.23.46.png