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    Brush size changes wildly in Photoshop CS6 when I use my Wacom Intuos Pro scroll wheel


      I've been hoping someone else might have this issue and figure out the problem, but no such luck.


      For the majority of the time I've had this newer Wacom Intuos Pro, it's given me this issue with photoshop where the brush size will increase rapidly to it's maximum size and do so again each time I try to bring it back down with the scroll wheel. I only ever have this issue when I use the Intuos Pro, never with my Cintiq, so I'm feeling like it may be an issue with the Intuos Pro itself, but I downloaded Autodesk to check if it was universal and it doesn't seem to do the same thing there. It makes it almost impossible for me to work on anything unless I'm at my desk so I'd really love to get it fixed if anyone else had the same issue!