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    HELP! CS6 File issue!!!!




      I use Adobe Photoshop CS6, runs smoothly, perfectly and well, no issues except one.


      I never had this issue before but recently I started using CS6 again and found that when I save a W.I.P or a finished product i have created that it does not appear anywhere in my PC.


      Now when I open photoshop and open files, I can see all the files that i have saved in any type of format there. I cant see any external downloaded files like GFX Packs and ETC in a PSD form or whatever.


      This is really strange because when I need to email something or send it to someone i have to use a snippit tool to capture my work which is really not getting the best quality.


      Anyone know how to fix this issue where my PC can find the files and recognise them not just when searching through CS6 itself.


      (Note even if i search my PC through the folder and everything nothing happens)