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    Photoshop CS3 Extended




      I have a Photoshop CS3 Extended license that I purchased through university. This was purchased as a license rather than a subscription monthly or yearly.


      Up till recently, I have been working fine with this. However unfortunately my HDD failed on my previous laptop. Luckily I managed to retrieve the license key, however this will not allow me to activate on my new laptop. I try to activate over the internet (the license is accepted) but this then advises Activation - No Connection. I am online as am able to access this forum.


      I have tried activating over the phone, however when I call through this confirms they no longer support activation via phone and to go to this website: Activate and deactivate Adobe products


      I have followed this through but this says to upgrade to the latest CC version which only lasts a month on the "promotional offer" and past this point I would have to continue payments. As I have a full license already paid for I do not want to go down this route.


      Please can someone help with this