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      I have about 15 objects that for each one i must have






      i need to do that 15 times next to each other/ on top of each other.


      Whats the best way to have everything alligned as i struggle moving one thing up one thing down each time to make it all be on the same level

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          It is hard to understand what you want the composite to be if the 45 elements are all on top of each other. Are the images the same size and resolution, Are the headings also text or some kind of banner.   Is the text limited to be able to fit into some area using some particular font and size.   What do you mean by on the same level.    Does your composite design have  areas defined to header, Image . and text.  What are you trying to accomplish?


          If you want to create 15 different composite you may want to look into Photoshop Data Driven graphic.

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