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    RH11 User Pods - Font inside is too small


      Is there any way to increase the font size inside the pods?  Is this a resolution issue? I can't read the options on my current small screen and I'm about to move to an even larger monitor.  There has to be a way to zoom in on the pod you are currently working in, right? What am I missing?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not clear why you posted this in the RoboHelp for Word forum as that did not ship with RoboHelp 11.


          There isn't a way to zoom in the pods but there are some posts suggesting various solutions. However, they did not work for me.


          I do know this is something that has been brought to Adobe's attention so maybe in a future version. They will not backtrack to RoboHelp 11 though.


          On the bright side, you might be surprised by your new monitor.


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