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    Unable to make tax exempt purchase


      I have grown increasingly frustrated from the lack of support from Adobe to make a tax exempt purchase.  I work at the University of Louisville, and cannot purchase Adobe cloud without it being tax exempt.  According to this website Place a tax-exempt order with Adobe , you need to contact Adobe directly to set this up.  The only way to contact Adobe is through the online chat system.  I first did this in early September.  On September 19th, I sent in a tax exemption certificate. At that time, they said that they would respond within 48 hours.  However, they did not respond until October 2nd, via email that said that they would contact me in another 2-3 days (which they never did).  Today I contacted them again (speaking once again to Jitesh) and was told that a supervisor would call me today between 10:45 AM and 12:00 PM EST.  Once again, no one called.    I am amazed at how difficult it is to make a purchase from Adobe, when the University of Louisville is already an established customer, and we have a Tax Exempt credit card and certificate.  Can anyone tell me how they managed to convince Adobe to let them place a tax exempt order from Adobe?  Can anyone tell my why Adobe makes this so difficult to do?