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    Remove Individual Image Resizing & Bulk Resize All Images to a Uniform Scale

    christinal26792635 Level 1

      We use RoboHelp 2015 to write and publish the content for four different user guides. There are over 1,000 images in use across the project. Each image is included as a shared resource (FrameMaker and RoboHelp share images across projects), and within the RoboHelp projects, we use RoboHelp's tools to resize each image individually, i.e. the Size button in the Image dialog box. For an upcoming release, we plan to change the size of all our images, which would cause RH to stretch or squish the images once it updates. We'd like to remove RH's individual image resizing and bulk resize all the images to a uniform scale.


      Is there a way to remove RH's individual scaling across topics? Is there an Adobe (or other) plugin that can bulk resize images to a specific dimension? Thanks!