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    What do I call it and does it exist?




      I have a two part question. First I am looking for the correct terminology for what I am looking for, in order to better look for a widget, and second I am wondering if such a widget exists.


      Let us say I have a spread sheet, maybe uploaded to the website, or embedded in a hidden page of the website, or uploaded to Google drive. It has two columns and three rows. Column one contains 1, 2, and 3. Column two contains A, B, and C. The Muse webpage has a search box. If I search "1", the search returns "A". If I search "2", the search returns "B". If I search "3", the search returns "C".


      Would this be called "content management" or "database query" or what?


      Are there any widgets that will function as I have described, that is, returning information from the search of a spreadsheet?


      Thanks in advance for your time,


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Basic HTML cannot do any kind of dynamic search. Everything else would just be a gianormous dummy form fully running inside a JavaScript. You are mistaking a fake UI element for actual logic, so no, this has nothing to do with genuine database queries or spreadsheets. If it were to be hosted on Google, Office.com or whatever, you'd have to use their API code, anyway, because then it's no longer a simple HTML table or 2D data field that could be manipulated with whatever script code to create the illusion. So unless you have a real reason to put up with all the effort beyond looking cool, I wouldn't bother.



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            kylem77816393 Level 1

            Thank you for taking the time to respond. For the most part what you have said here is helpful.


            I will say two things:

            1. Your comment "So unless you have a real reason to put up with all the effort beyond looking cool, I wouldn't bother." is an oddly condescending thing to say and detracts from any real information you have volunteered. The purpose of my post is to solve the requirements that my client is asking for inside a muse website. I have simplified the task in my description in order to explain it and not get sidetracked on the specifics of the real project. "Looking cool" makes it sound like I am a ninth grader trying to get a word press head line to display a strobe effect. If I didn't have a "real reason" I wouldn't be wasting people's time on this forum.


            2. Things that were impossible on Muse a short while ago are now possible. QooQee's blog, and all the things that it does, was impossible until Qooqee offfered it for sale. I appreciate your defining the state of things at this moment as being impossible, but I suspect you will still be saying that in an offhand way long after the field has changed. So the question for me is- do I stop looking?

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              kylem77816393 Level 1

              I will add a reply to my own post to explain more fully what I am trying to accomplish and to record for future efforts the two avenues I will pursue.


              The actual spread sheet is an existing list of hundreds of names, with birth dates, brief biographies, photos, etc. The search function on the web page is intended to return a single person's name if a name or a birth date is entered.


              Avenue's to explore:


              1. If I strip away all the "impossible!" from Mylenium's answer, the one bit of information he offers is to look at Google's API, which would function in much the same way that the Timeline Widget uses Google's API.


              2. There are table widgets that I see available that might also work. I don't see any that return "A" when the search is "1", but I might have to be content returning the entire row of information if "1" or "A" is entered.

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                Pavel Homeriki Level 5

                Muse is not a programming environment, Muse is not a program for creating websites. Muse is a program for developing web design. If you are making final sites for customers at Muse, you do so at your own peril and risk. I would not sell customers anything more than just a design, if I work only in Muse.

                To solve your problems, you need a CMS and a programmer.


                By the way, what was previously impossible in the Muse, it is impossible and now. Qooqee's blog is not Muse, it's a Qooqee blog. I would prefer to use Wordpress, instead of these mouse runs with Muse and Qooqee. Freedom of design is for the most part an unnecessary chimera for the vast majority of "web designers". They make simply horrible sites manually in the Muse, instead of taking the default Wordpress theme, which looks much better than their work.


                All the above written is my subjective opinion

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                  kylem77816393 Level 1

                  How wonderful for you that you are blessed with so many opinions. I hope this wealth makes up for what you lack in other aspects of your existence. Unfortunately none of  your opinions pertain to my question.


                  Muse is the software that this website will be built and published with. If you feel the need to comment further, hopefully you will confine your comments to solutions that will work with Muse.


                  Widgets used in Muse add functionality that Muse itself cannot do. This was envisioned as the way Muse would work from the start. You seem upset that. Luckily, no one is forcing you to use Muse.


                  Adding functionality to Muse with an external widget or third party process is the type of solution that I am requesting with my original question. I apologize if that was not clear.


                  It is tiresome semantics to say that a Qooqee blog used as widget in Muse means that it is impossible for Muse to do what the Qoogee blog does. You may be proud of the cleverness of your logic and you may talk all you want about what is impossible, but at the end of the day the Muse site with the Qooqee blog still exists and functions perfectly. I repeat that what cannot be done today does not mean that it won't be possible tomorrow.


                  Muse has its flaws, but it is one of the best things to come along. As with any tool, wonderful or horrible things can be created with it.


                  If I needed dynamic database-driven server side mess of a website, then yes I would need a programmer and the software I used would be determined by the project. This is nothing close to that kind of a project. I'm looking to emulate a dynamic function on a much smaller scale with a single spreadsheet, and I am seeing that the table widgets will do 80% of what I'm looking for. Now I am looking for what will do what I want 100%.


                  I have used Wordpress. It is horrible. I would never willingly use it again and I would turn down a client who asked me to use it. I have used several out of the box website/blog packages and Wordpress is among the worst. Market share is not an indicator of the best solution.


                  I have used programmers, and have found them to be conceited in their strengths and massively blind to their weaknesses. Like the time my client hired an entire team of programmers from India and six months into it they asked "what is tax?" and "what is postage?" and "why can't the cart describe the color of clothing as Bin Hex numbers?". Other than that, programmers are tools and you get what you pay for. They are good or they are bad, but almost always they are not necessary at the price point the majority of websites are created at.


                  All of this is written in response to your subjective opinion.

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                    Pavel Homeriki Level 5

                    Ride a car with square wheels is theoretically possible. And it's up to you to decide whether to spend time on this or to buy round wheels.


                    As for the decision of your question - you will not find anything other than that would be to order it to the programmer.